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Beltconceal Pocket-Pistol case - Dark Brown

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Sig Sauer P238

Ruger LCP .380
Ruger LCP .380 with Crimson Trace laser sight
Ruger LCP .380 with all other brands of laser sight
Ruger "Elsie Pea"

Kahr P380
Kahr CM9
Kahr PM9
Kahr PM40

Seecamp LWS-380
Seecamp LWS-32

NAA Guardian .380
NAA Guardian .32
NAA Guardian .32 NAA
NAA .22 Mini-Revolver

Kel Tec P-3AT .380
Kel Tec P32 .32

Berretta 3032 Tomcat Inox

Autauga Arms Mark II .32

Rohrbaugh 9 & 9S

[Will also holster similar-sized .22's and .25's]

180 Day Money Back Guarantee!
180 Day Money Back Guarantee!

1 Year Warranty against defects!

Product Reviews

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  1. Better than I expected

    Posted by PKG last year

    Nice looking holster that fits my P238 perfectly. I bought a Sneaky Pete that was just too big for the gun. This fits like a glove, which does make it a little diffacult to draw w/o practice . Also like the fact that it holds my cell phone. Someone commented on it in the market and I told them it was my insulin pump. I'd buy another one.

Showing reviews 1 - 1 of 1