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White Lightningwear Deep-Concealment Holster

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White Lightningwear Deep-Concealment Holster

Unless you have a specific wardrobe need for this color holster (need to carry under Navy Dress Whites, habitually wear yellow seersucker suits, etc.,) you do not want the white holster: You want the black Lightningwear holster.

If you do have a specific wardrobe need (basically only if you wear white or very light color pants that are sheer enough to show underwear color through them) then go ahead and order the white and we'll custom make you one. Because we don't keep them in stock, this may take up to a week to process into our manufacturing schedule.

One size fits 26"-46" waist

180 Day Money Back Guarantee!

1 Year Warranty against defects!

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  1. Real nice product!

    Posted by K Ree 7 years ago

    Real nice product and a great seller! Real helpful. Works AWESOME too!

Showing reviews 1 - 1 of 1